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NPD 1000.0B Summary of Actions Info.   NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook
NPD 2800.1C Summary of Actions Info.   Managing Information Technology
NPR 3790 Draft 1 Summary of Actions Info.   NASA's Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Response Plan
NPR 4100.1E Summary of Actions Info.   NASA Materials Inventory Management
NPD 7900.4D Summary of Actions Info.   NASA Aircraft Operations Management
NPR 9210.1B Summary of Actions Info.   Fund Balance with Treasury
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NPR 7500 Draft 2
NASA Technology Transfer Requirements  Coordinating_Offices: AA1,AA2,AA3,AA4,AA5,AA6,AA8,AC1,AC10,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC6,AC7,AC8,AC9,CA,DA,DMT,EA,IA,LA,LE,LP1,MA,UA,WA
NPR 8715.2B
NASA Emergency Preparedness Program Procedural Requirements  Coordinating_Offices: AC1,AC10,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC6,AC7,AC8,AC9,CA,DA,EA,GA,JA,LA,NA,QA,TA,VA,ZA
NPR 8800.15C
Real Estate Management Program   Coordinating_Offices: AA1,AA2,AA3,AA4,AA5,AA6,AC1,AC10,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC6,AC7,AC8,AC9,CA,DA,DMT,EA,GA,HA,IA,JA,KA,LA,LE,LP1,MA,OA,QA,TA,UA,VA,WA,YA,ZA
NPD 9080.1H
Review, Approval, and Imposition of User Charges  Coordinating_Offices: AA1,AA2,AA3,AA31,AA4,AA5,AA50,AA51,AA6,AA61,AC1,AC10,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5,AC6,AC7,AC8,AC9,CA,DMT,EA,GA,HA,IA,JA,KA,LA,LB,LE,LP1,MA,OA,QA,TA,UA,VA,WA,YA,ZA
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